Organize your priorities on Chrome and don't lose sight of them


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Prioritab is a very easy-to-use utility to manage your daily to-do list so you never miss a task or an important event, no matter how far ahead in time it is. This tool will generate a calendar in each new window you open, reminding you of your priorities every time you're in your browser. This utility ensures you never lose sight of important events, even if they're not on your mind.

Priorities is organized into three sections: day, week, and month. The only thing you have to do is insert short entries with a name or sentence for the corresponding day, and leave it there until you need it. If you got the date wrong, you just have to click on it and drag it to the correct one.

The interface is very minimalist and doesn't include anything extraneous; you type the item on the right date and that's it. It doesn't let you change colors, fonts, or add an exact time for each event, but you can use your noggin and write that down alongside the name if you're afraid you'll forget it.

Prioritab also has a giant clock in its window to display the current date. This reference helps you know how many days you have before each event or task on your list. You can also see interesting facts like what percentage of the day, month, or year has already gone by.
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